>I know I said my life is complete crazy. I constantly have a million things going on with work, family, and spontaneous trips, and then I start a graduate program!

I started college in 2003 at Monroe County Community College in Michigan. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but I knew I loved Biology. I went to Community College for 2 semesters, and to this day, it was my favorite time with coursework. I was in a Microbiology course, a Botany course, and basic Biology courses. After that year, I decided I didn’t want to live at home anymore. I moved 3 hours away to Grand Rapids with a good friend of mine. I was 19, and living in the second largest city in the state of Michigan. I loved it.. for the first 6 months. Things happened with my roommate and I decided to move onto campus…. Mistake. I didn’t like where I lived, and I was totally different from my roommates. I drove that 3 hours home every weekend. I didn’t like my classes either. They discouraged my role in Biology. I promised myself after that semester was over, I was moving back to Monroe, going to school at University of Toledo and joining a sorority.

So that is precisely, what I did. I went to University of Toledo, took some business courses (GVSU had colored my idea of Biology so bad, that I switched my major). I joined Kappa Delta when I was a junior in college, and 20 years old. I was at least 2 years older than anyone else in my pledge class, but that didn’t stop us from having fun.

I spent a semester in business, before deciding to take the road towards Pharmacy. Classes were hard. i was working full time, commuting, partying, and not sleeping. I got very ill, couldn’t make it to my classes, was almost killed in a car crash, and finally failed out that semester.

I worked hard the next few semesters in business, deciding to major in Marketing, and do some Graphic Arts classes to get my GPA up. I realized I loved Graphic Design for the creativity of it. But I didn’t want to make a career out of it. I left the job I was commuting at, moved into the sorority house, and started working at a tanning salon.

I moved to an apartment with the semester was over, and continued to function within the sorority. I lived for two more years in Toledo while finishing my undergraduate degree, when I found a job at a graphic arts firm. That is where I am still currently working now, two years later.

A lot of soul searching led me to the degree I’m at now, and my crazy schedule. I’m doing my graduate program full-time, while working full-time. I stated it before, but I love my program. So much so, I might add a second major.

Monday my alarm goes off at 450 am. Takes me about 10-15 minutes to get going before I can get changed, grab a quick bite to eat, and get out the door. At 6 am, I’m at Urban Active, my current gym. Workout for an hour, and then get ready for work. I work from 8-5 (sometimes 4 on Mondays). Then it’s time for my planned run, depending on my week and time in training depends on the miles. It’s usually 4 or higher. Then it’s free time for me to drive 40 minutes back home!

Tuesday is basically the same schedule, and I work until 5. I also do a planned run after work on Tuesdays, usually 2.5-3 miles. I drive home, and get everything ready for the next few days. I have to pack enough food, clothes, gym clothes for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Wednesday is a later morning for me as I don’t go to the gym. I’m up at 615 am to get ready for work. At 720 I’m out the door to make sure I get to work by 8. I work 8-4 and then take the 30 minute drive South to get to Bowling Green. My class 5-720 is Public Health Administration, with my program director. After we all meet we split into two separate sections because our class is so large. I have a newer professor, he’s great!

For this class I have 1) three written case studies to be worked on as a group project. 2) a movie critique for Patch Adams (3 page paper) 3) a Grant notice & application — this is a very lengthy process. It’s 25+ pages. Eekk !! And then we have to present it to the review board of a health department. We also have a power point presentation for this. With all my professors, anything we write that gets picked for a journal, we automatically get an A or a lot of extra points.

For my own professor, I think we have a disaster planning and emergency presentation to do, but we haven’t talked about that yet.

My next class is 730-10, again, with my program director. this class is Economics, Marketing, and HR for Public Health. This class is much like the other because my professor created all the homework. I have an initial assignment which is due next week. It’s an essay on the economics and marketing of public health that is going on in the world today. I also have three more written case studies to be turned in with group projects. A research project that hasn’t been given out yet, but is worth half my grade. 😦 . And an enormous final exam that I hope turns out to be take home. We haven’t learned about that one yet.

After class I head to Emily’s by campus to stay the night!

Thursday morning comes way too quickly. 515 am comes around and it’s time to get up for the gym. 6 am – 7 am I’m at the gym, and then get ready for work. I work from 8-5 and then head out to Wildwood for my run. Thursdays are my short days, 2.5 miles. I head to Urban for a quick shower, and get ready for class. It’s usually around 630 pm at this time, so I grab my packed dinner, and drive down to Perrysburg for class. Class is from 730-10 and it’s Crisis Management and Communication in Public Health. This might be one of my favorite classes! We’re dealing with disaster planning and emergency situations.

For this class, I have quizzes, Case scenarios to present, An on camera mock interview, a news release assignment, a town hall meeting presentation, a research project and presentation, 3 exams to become FEMA certified, 9 hours of training, and a discussion assignment. Sound like a lot? It definitely is!

Hopefully before class I can check out Second Sole, a local running shop that sponsors a bunch of races here. I’m look at signing up for a few of them. I’ll post later details about those!

Friday morning comes around and the alarm goes off at 515 again. It’s time to get up and head to Urban! Friday’s are generally cross train days and a lot of weights. I work, again, from 8-5 and am finally able to head home. Depending on my week, I may get my bike out and head out through my neighborhood and marina.

Saturdays vary… Some weeks I have class 8am-12, some weeks I don’t have class, and some weeks I have class 8am-2pm. Today it was 8-12. My Biostatistics class. I have homework due every class period, three exams, a spss project due at the end, and various other projects!

It was difficult to get up at 615 this morning to get ready for class. I haven’t made this drive to the Med Center yet so I gave myself an hour, turns out it was plenty of time. i made it in 35 minutes. A lot of sitting around and waiting with classmates the other 25 minutes. I’m gonna start to know everyone in this program, because we have all our classes together. Not such a bad thing!

After class I ran a few errands and headed to Wildwood for my scheduled 5 mile run. The run itself was great. i did the first 2.5 miles without slowing or walking. I headed to my car and got out the Gatorade. I didn’t want to get dehydrated on this run because the humidity was ungodly high. I headed back to my trail to finish the rest of the run. It was starting to go as planned except my legs felt heavy and my lungs hurt. I have bad allergies to grass and well nature. But I don’t let it stop or affect me. I pushed through it, took a few very short (60 second) walk breaks, and finished my 5 miles in 48 minutes flat. That’s a pace of 9:35. Not too bad for my long run. Next week I hit 6 miles, and then they go up from there.

I am really excited to embark on the longer miles! I’ve also realized the rest days are really critical, even though I mentally don’t want to do them. I know I have to. Tomorrow I will be cross training, because I switched to have my rest day yesterday. Can’t wait to see what next week brings!


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