>WDW Disney Half Marathon. Disney Planning. & Photobooks.


I’ve been talking about this for a while now, the Disney Half Marathon in January. I am so very excited to have signed up for this race, and actually commit to it! As you can see from the website it’s January 8, 2011, that gives me just about 131 days to train! Have no fear, I started early. In the next few days I’ll be signing up for some local races to get myself used to what it’s like to be on the course πŸ™‚

Now, I have never planned a Disney Vacation longer than 4 days before… And this year I am going 8 days! :):) I’ve been to Disney twice with my parents where we spent 6 days. But then, we didn’t know what planning was, or ADRs. We just showed up and went for it! I can definitely say, I missed a lot of shows and a lot of rides those years. I got a different perspective of Disney that I can come to appreciate, but I now know that hard work, and planning pays off!

I am traveling alone from Michigan to Disney, but will not be alone once I get there. πŸ™‚ Bonnie (@bonnieg88), and a friend are flying in around the same time as me, so we can catch the Disney Magical Express together. We’re staying at Port Orleans- French Quarter. This is new to both of us, and I am positive it is going to be an absolute blast! This resort was chosen at the hands of a coin toss, and it couldn’t have been more perfect. After all our obsessions of True Blood, it’ll be great to have a Louisiana type feel. For some reason as I typed that I had Russell’s voice in my head. Maybe it was that earth shattering episode I saw last night πŸ™‚

Originally we were going with the 30% Disney package, but I looked a little more closely into the free dining, and decided it was worth a shot to get a quote from a Disney Travel Agent. Besides, who knows best than them! I reached out to @MagicalNdeavors to see what kind of deal we could get from Disney with the dining included. Turns out free dining worked out in our favor! Of course we were spending more with the package, but with the breakdown, food was only costing us $18 a day. There is no way we could eat in Disney for less than $18 a day!

So our next task, plan these ADRs!

What we have on our “plate”:

Monday — arrive, Downtown Disney
* Raglan Road

Tuesday — Magic Kingdom
* Cinderella’s Royal Table

Wednesday — 4 parks (discussing a name)
* Le Cellier for Lunch

Thursday — Hollywood Studios && WWoS for Expo
* 50’s Prime for Lunch

Friday — Bonnie’s 5K πŸ™‚ && Epcot
* no adrs.

Saturday — Stacy & @MrBrettYoung run the Half Marathon, AK day
* Whispering Canyon Cafe for dinner

Sunday — @MrBrettYoung runs the Marathon (Going for Goofy!), MK day
* Ohana for dinner to celebrate!

Monday — Home sad day… I start Spring Semester of Grad School..

How exciting for the trip!! :):) It feels great to have all this accomplished in advance. πŸ™‚

Now as I am thinking about this upcoming trip, and what I can do to pass the time I get an email for a free photobook at Shutterfly! SCORE! I love making photobooks. And I love them even more when they are free. I don’t scrapbook. I don’t have enough time in my schedule, and I am much more of a creative computer person. Hence so much experience in Graphic Design.

As I’m putting together the book, I’m trying to decide which pictures to include. Of course a lot of them will be Disney πŸ™‚ Others will include friends, and other places of travel this summer. I thought I would take a moment, share some Disney Photos and see which ones I should add!

WDW Railroad 

Entrance of Polynesian

Summer Nightastic


Expedition Everest

Grand Floridian

Block Party Bash

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Cinderella’s Castle

Mickey & Minnie

Decisions, Decisions. I’m always terrible at trying to decide what to add. I love them all, plus the 1,000 more I have. What do you think?

2 responses to “>WDW Disney Half Marathon. Disney Planning. & Photobooks.

  1. >I (@bonnieg88)am looking forward to our trip!!! I never even put the connection together from True Blood to Port Orleans French Quarter!!! We are the best!! Is it January yet?

  2. >Hey Stacy! Been meaning to check out your blog! I like it! We're trying to put together a photobook ourselves right now – fun, but not easy. My favorites from the pics you posted: WDW Railroad, Epcot, Hollywood Studios (#1 in my opinion!), & Mickey/Minnie for a great parting shot maybe for the end of the book(?). Looking forward to hearing about your trip. Good luck w your training!

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