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>My Running Slump is Over.

>Do you ever just have those days that you really want to do well with your run, you really want to give it your all, but your just not there. You’re sick. You’re tired. You’re mentally beat up. You doubt yourself. And then like that. It’s over. You’ve driven yourself into a such a slump that you can’t even back peddle out of it. You’re heart still wants to complete that run, but your head has one the battle. Don’t let it win the war.

That’s what I’ve been telling myself the last few weeks. I’ve been sick, run down, and just mentally not in it. This morning I finally broke free. I woke up feeling ill. My sinuses we’re draining and my stomach was upset. I laid in bed a few extra minutes, and then decided it was time to get a move on. It was 4:50 am, and the day wasn’t waiting for me to start.

I decided to take a different approach this morning when I went to the gym. Instead of running upstairs on the treadmill staring at the dark sky out the window, I would run in the Cardio Cinema. As luck would have it, this was playing.

Just the movie I wanted to see!! I was talking about it last night with Emily & Jason, amongst many other films particularly Sci-Fi related. I’ve become a Syfy channel addict. I started off at walk just to get warmed up. Legs were feeling good and everything was going great, so I decided to start off at a jog. I made it a half mile before I even realized it and knew it was time to up the speed. The movie was so good, the 5 miles were over before I knew it. I slowed a few times for water and did a short walk at the end. How refreshing that I had a great run in before 7 am 🙂


>Oak Openings Stampede: My First Race

>So for my first race it had to be a 5K, and preferably an easy one. That’s not what this was though. This was a trail run to end all trail runs. I’ll admit, I love the trails; they are interesting, challenging, and work your body in ways you never thought running could. I train on trails because I think they are the best workout. this was nothing like the trails I run on. My trails are sandy, with flat surfaces, and a few hills. This trail was all roots, bridges, and stairs. It was…Amazing.

I was nervous before the race, since I didn’t know anyone. And there were so many runners. A lot of them, the very serious runners that you can tell have had a bunch of marathons under their belt. Someday i hope that is me. There were a few people with all the running gear you could ever hope to own.

Once I made it to the race, 40 minutes early, my dad helped me pin my race number on, #71. 🙂 He ended up seeing someone he knew, a guy that was only a few years older than me running the 25K. We stood and chatted until I saw one of my sorority sisters! What joy. I finally knew someone! We really spent the next 20 minutes walking around and checking out the sights. When it was time to line up, we learned that the 25K was taking off and 9 am & we were moved to 915 am. So again, we waited.

Promptly at 910 am we were told to line up on the bike trail and prepare for the gunshot. There were tons of us! I got stationed closer to the back with Alaina and her boyfriend Alex. The gunshot went off and everyone started in slow motion. The first bit was frustrating because it was such a small path and you couldn’t get around anyone. A few people were fighting there way around and I kept getting ahead and having to drop back when I got stuck. I was finally able to break free. I still got stuck a few times around people I was trying to pass. At one point there was a lady that was taking up the whole trail. Running right in the middle! So I did the only thing I could do. I ran up the hill, and jumped over her. Yep, that got here out of my way. 🙂 After that

 I managed to break out on my own and ran the entire trail by myself. It was an adventure 🙂 I can say I was feeling queasy by mile 2.5 My allergies were kicking in and I couldn’t breathe very well. But I didn’t stop. I continued to run until I hit mile 3. I came out of the woods to the finish line and saw everyone cheering. Then i saw the clock, 29:20 it read. There was no way I was getting this close and not breaking 30 minutes. From somewhere adrenaline hit, and I sprinted full force to the end. I made it in 29:32.

I was happy. 🙂 After being so sick, and taking on the trails, I beat my goal. It was awesome.
I know now I will be taking on more races!! WDW Half Marathon is getting closer!

>A Terrible Run && A Stressful Encounter.

>Well today I had a terrible run. Let’s just call it what it is. It was the makings of a great run. I decided to start back up on the run 4 min/walk 1 min to work on some endurance. Just light and easy, so i did 5.5 mph with an incline. I got 1.7 miles into this run, then I needed to go pick up my car from the dealership.

Thats where it all fell apart…

The dealership changed my oil, checked my fluids, my a/c, a ton of other things, and rotated my tires. In 20 minutes. Seemed fast to me. So I went back for it. Paid my $50, got my car and preceded to drive away. I immediately knew, something was wrong.

My tires were about to fall off my car. Not only were they about to fall off, my car was off balance and shaking so bad I couldn’t keep it on the road. I turned around and went back to the dealership. When I went to turn into the dealership my car almost gave out. I was so worried I almost stopped it right there, in the middle of a turn lane… on a busy road…

I decided that might be the worst idea. So I turned very slowly into the dealership and literally pulled my car right in front of the windows. Barely stopped and jumped out. The manager was in front of me with customers and said “Back so soon”. I laughed, said uh yeah. You screwed up my car. The tires aren’t on all the way… The car is vibrating and shaking so bad, and the tires are making a horrific noise. He laughed it off and ushered me inside. So I wouldn’t alarm his customers.

I was sent back to the service department where the lady reading a book behind the counter, proceeded to chuckle and told me she’d get the problem solved. She paged the service department and ran back and got the mechanic. He ran from the back room, to move my car as quickly as he could… I guess they didn’t want it sitting with jacked up tires, out front of their windows. My parents came back to help me sort this out. I felt embarrassed that it had even happened to me and was trying not to make a big deal of it. But like my mom said, they let me drive away like that! It is a big deal! They told my dad that the tires had too much corrosion on them and they couldn’t tell it wasn’t tightened all the way. That when I drove it. It loosened.

I freaked out, thinking this could happen to me at any moment now! My dad looked and me and said, That’s what they tell you when they forgot to tighten them down all the way.  So there we have it. The dealership didn’t tighten my tires as they should. I pulled out of the parking lot with them ready to fall off, and they didn’t do a single thing. Laughed it off and ushered me out as soon as they could. A few phone calls later and still nothing was solved.

Needless to say… It was a stressful encounter…

When I got back home. I attempted to finish my run. I wanted a nice easy 3.1 miles. I got about 3/10 a mile in and just said screw it. I was done. I couldn’t do anymore.

Here’s hoping that tomorrow is a better day!
I will also update on my 7.5 mile run from Sunday, my training plans for the week and my anticipation for my first 5K Sunday!

>Races are now on my schedule!!

>To prepare for the half marathon in January, I’ve been doing a lot of searching and trying to figure out which races are in the area, if they fit in with my schedule, if they match the appropriate time in my training, and if they are fundraising or good fun atmospheres. There is a lot that really comes to my mind when choosing a race/event to participate in! First, it has to feasibly fit in my schedule; do i have class that day? is there a party or plans already made and set in stone? Second, it has to fit with my training schedule; is this a squeeze in race? Have I completed the miles already or do I think I will be ready? Third, location, location, location. I don’t want to drive 5 hours for a small race, it has to fit within my geographical location. : ) Fourth, what are the fundraisers or event sponsors if any. That’s very important to me! I want to know if I’m helping with a certain philanthropy or charity and what the cause is! Fifth, what is the atmosphere like. I don’t want to take the time out of my schedule to drive to a small race that has no “charisma”. I want to see happy people, and smiling faces! Each race is an accomplishment.

All these factors have led me to the races that are currently on my schedule, and could possibly be on my schedule. First one is this weekend!! 🙂 Saturday, September 11, 2010
I wouldn’t consider this one a “race” though.
It’s a Walk for Red Cross Disaster Relief.

Walk a Loop for Red Cross

It’s just a Fun Walk, but I’m working on getting my parents interested in this sort of stuff! Plus it’s fun. It’s an easy 4 miles : ) And side benefit, I’m meeting with the coordinator of Volunteering for Disaster Relief. My masters is Public Health Administration && I think I am adding on a second major (Environmental/Occupational) or the Disaster Planning, Emergency Preparedness certificate. : )

I have a 5K on the schedule for September 19th.
It’s not really competitive. There’s a 25K as well, but since that is longer than the Half, there’s no reason I should be running it now!

I figured since it was more of a “Fun Run” and finishers get ribbons, it’d be the perfect opportunity for my first event! : ) I’m excited. My weekend will be busy as I have a 6 hour biostatistic class the day before, but it’s not too early of a morning.

It’s also a trail run, and those are my favorite, and fastest. It’s at a metro park here in Toledo I have never been to before, so next week I will go test it out!

Oak Openings Stampede

It’s sponsored by Toledo RoadRunners, which I have every intention of joining. Probably next year though, since I have class for every group run.

The next definitely on the schedule is Big House, Big Heart 10K.
This is October 3rd at the Big House. Meaning University of Michigan Football Stadium in Ann Arbor. : )
That makes me sign up right there!

It’s a 10K though, and that’s definitely what I need with my training schedule : ) It’s not too far fetched, and it’s not too low of a race either!

The race even finishes on the 50 Yard line. Yup, that’s cool. My dad’s even coming to be a spectator : )

Big House, Big Heart

Last one for sure on my list is Eastside Turkey Trot 5K, on November 25th This just sounds fun!! And it’s on Thanksgiving morning   : ) Another race thats sponsored by Toledo RoadRunners and Second Sole : )

Should be an easy 5K to probably end the schedule!

Eastside Turkey Trot

There are a few that I am still in the deciding stages of !

There’s the Red Ribbon Run 10K.
This one is at Levis Commons, a local shopping outdoor mall. I currently have class there on Thursday nights, so I’ve definitely seen the course, a lot.

Red Ribbon Run

And the last is Randy’s Race.
This is to fight Brain Tumors. I’d either do the 10 mile or 4 mile race, haven’t decided. the 10 would be excellent.
It’s on November 6, 2010.
I still have some time to decide, but looks like a great race : )

Randy’s Race

That’s it for the moment. : ) I’m gonna add more as I see fit!!

More than likely, I will be doing the Glass City Half Marathon in April 2011.
Either the Wine & Dine Half in October
or the International Niagara Falls Full Marathon in October (leaning towards this one) : )

We shall see though!

>A Long Run in Training.. some James Dean.. and some Gorgeous Views…

>I didn’t get time to post this yesterday, but it was finally a day for a run longer than 5 miles. 🙂 Yes!! It was actually a 6 mile run I needed to complete yesterday.

It was a little colder than expected so instead of my usual Xersion tech shirts, I opted for my long sleeve Nike shirt. 🙂 Perfect. I started my run out, heading down my street. About 3/4 a mile down the road is Lake Erie. Since I brought my phone with me (for photos and to test out my training app), I decided to make a few stops along the way. My first stop was right up the stairs at the beach to take this photo.

My view down the street! 

I then continued along the lake and through my neighborhood to the Marina. The Marina is about 1.75 miles from my house. Being on the lake means it’s extremely windy! Even more so then downtown. When I got to the lake I decided to take a few minutes, walk out to the pier and get some extra shots!

After that, it was off back on my route! In no time (less than 30 min) I was already passed 3 miles. It was cool and breezy, what a great feeling! I kept on running back the way I came, along the lake and decided to do a loop around some houses. My route then took me past a second marina and out on the open road. It was about this time at 4 miles that things got a little rocky. The wind was out in FULL FORCE! My run took me behind my house through the fields in open air. Wind gusts were up to about 40 mph and i had to fight to stay on the road. I had to take a few walk breaks to stretch my legs so I could keep going. I made it past that point and looped around by my house. Now this is the time that yes, i ran right past my house! I still had about a mile and a half to go and it was my only option. So past my house it was! I ran back up my street to the lake, again and decided it was time to take a quick break to stretch. You never can do too much stretching when it comes to long miles. Then it was time for that short trip back to my house, again in open air going against the wind. It was rough, but I completed it and felt great. I felt better than great, I was on cloud 9. 🙂 I did longer than the estimated 6 miles ! It was actually 6.62 in 1 hour, and 7 minutes. 🙂 I’m getting better and working til that 2 hour Half Marathon goal!! :):)

It was then time for a quick shower, and getting ready for Columbus! But not before I got to watch Rebel without a Cause. Those who know me, know I am a HUGE fan of James Dean. I have one person to thank for that, Dustin Rybka (@dustinrybka). When we were dating, I used to sit up late at night doing my homework watching old movies while Dustin worked on press releases and events. It started with On the Waterfront, a Marlon Brando film. I fell in LOVE with it. Immediately bought it and have been watching it countless of times. Then came Forever Young, and James Dean, the movie. I think that’s what did it for me. Seeing his life unfold by James Franco right before my very eyes. It was heart breaking and moving. I’ve been watching his movies (all three) and reading biographies ever since. There’s something very sincere and touching about him that I just can’t shake.

Those two things, told me that this was the BEST day I have had in a long time. :):)

Next thing on my agenda. A 2 1/2 hour drive to Columbus for a friend’s birthday party! We planned on dinner and a comedy show, but the restaurant was over packed. So while the guys waited for our table (and drank at the bar), we went shopping! Our shopping consisted of bar hopping. Ally suggested The Ocean Club; an extremely upscale restaurant complete with piano man, for getting drinks with dry ice. How could we pass this up ?! There we sat.. At the bar of a gorgeous, upscale restaurant with martinis $13 and up trying to decide what to order. One suggestion for the bartender was all we needed. Passionfruit Martinis. It’s pineapple infused with vodka, passionfruit puree, a splash of lemon, and simple syrup, and it was strong!! But delish. 🙂

Passionfruit Martini

One drink was enough for us, it was time for another bar! 🙂 We found ourselves next door at Adobe Gillas. Let’s just say, the atmosphere was EXTREMELY different. It felt like we were on college spring break. We did get an interesting drink though, a Mug O Rita. 🙂 the bartender though we should get two and split it between the 4 of us girls. 1 was definitely enough! We even brought it back to the restaurant (Abuelo’s).

Emily & I at Adobe Gillas. 

After dinner was some quick shopping and the comedy show at Funny Bone. Just under 2 hours of cracking up really kept us going!! We saw Andy Henricks and John Heffron. Now John is a MUST see!! Check out his site He’s really great!!! :):)

After the show it was time to travel back to Zanesville, OH, where Emily is from. We didn’t arrive back until almost 2 am, so it was definitely time to get some sleep before another big day!

That brings me up to today.

Emily & I really wanted to hike out at Hocking Hills! I love being outdoors and trying out adventures, so of course I was in! We spent a few hours walking/hiking/climbing the trails and rock formations out at Old Man’s Cave and Ash Cave.

Here are a few pics from the day!