>Races are now on my schedule!!

>To prepare for the half marathon in January, I’ve been doing a lot of searching and trying to figure out which races are in the area, if they fit in with my schedule, if they match the appropriate time in my training, and if they are fundraising or good fun atmospheres. There is a lot that really comes to my mind when choosing a race/event to participate in! First, it has to feasibly fit in my schedule; do i have class that day? is there a party or plans already made and set in stone? Second, it has to fit with my training schedule; is this a squeeze in race? Have I completed the miles already or do I think I will be ready? Third, location, location, location. I don’t want to drive 5 hours for a small race, it has to fit within my geographical location. : ) Fourth, what are the fundraisers or event sponsors if any. That’s very important to me! I want to know if I’m helping with a certain philanthropy or charity and what the cause is! Fifth, what is the atmosphere like. I don’t want to take the time out of my schedule to drive to a small race that has no “charisma”. I want to see happy people, and smiling faces! Each race is an accomplishment.

All these factors have led me to the races that are currently on my schedule, and could possibly be on my schedule. First one is this weekend!! 🙂 Saturday, September 11, 2010
I wouldn’t consider this one a “race” though.
It’s a Walk for Red Cross Disaster Relief.

Walk a Loop for Red Cross

It’s just a Fun Walk, but I’m working on getting my parents interested in this sort of stuff! Plus it’s fun. It’s an easy 4 miles : ) And side benefit, I’m meeting with the coordinator of Volunteering for Disaster Relief. My masters is Public Health Administration && I think I am adding on a second major (Environmental/Occupational) or the Disaster Planning, Emergency Preparedness certificate. : )

I have a 5K on the schedule for September 19th.
It’s not really competitive. There’s a 25K as well, but since that is longer than the Half, there’s no reason I should be running it now!

I figured since it was more of a “Fun Run” and finishers get ribbons, it’d be the perfect opportunity for my first event! : ) I’m excited. My weekend will be busy as I have a 6 hour biostatistic class the day before, but it’s not too early of a morning.

It’s also a trail run, and those are my favorite, and fastest. It’s at a metro park here in Toledo I have never been to before, so next week I will go test it out!

Oak Openings Stampede

It’s sponsored by Toledo RoadRunners, which I have every intention of joining. Probably next year though, since I have class for every group run.

The next definitely on the schedule is Big House, Big Heart 10K.
This is October 3rd at the Big House. Meaning University of Michigan Football Stadium in Ann Arbor. : )
That makes me sign up right there!

It’s a 10K though, and that’s definitely what I need with my training schedule : ) It’s not too far fetched, and it’s not too low of a race either!

The race even finishes on the 50 Yard line. Yup, that’s cool. My dad’s even coming to be a spectator : )

Big House, Big Heart

Last one for sure on my list is Eastside Turkey Trot 5K, on November 25th This just sounds fun!! And it’s on Thanksgiving morning   : ) Another race thats sponsored by Toledo RoadRunners and Second Sole : )

Should be an easy 5K to probably end the schedule!

Eastside Turkey Trot

There are a few that I am still in the deciding stages of !

There’s the Red Ribbon Run 10K.
This one is at Levis Commons, a local shopping outdoor mall. I currently have class there on Thursday nights, so I’ve definitely seen the course, a lot.

Red Ribbon Run

And the last is Randy’s Race.
This is to fight Brain Tumors. I’d either do the 10 mile or 4 mile race, haven’t decided. the 10 would be excellent.
It’s on November 6, 2010.
I still have some time to decide, but looks like a great race : )

Randy’s Race

That’s it for the moment. : ) I’m gonna add more as I see fit!!

More than likely, I will be doing the Glass City Half Marathon in April 2011.
Either the Wine & Dine Half in October
or the International Niagara Falls Full Marathon in October (leaning towards this one) : )

We shall see though!


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