>A Terrible Run && A Stressful Encounter.

>Well today I had a terrible run. Let’s just call it what it is. It was the makings of a great run. I decided to start back up on the run 4 min/walk 1 min to work on some endurance. Just light and easy, so i did 5.5 mph with an incline. I got 1.7 miles into this run, then I needed to go pick up my car from the dealership.

Thats where it all fell apart…

The dealership changed my oil, checked my fluids, my a/c, a ton of other things, and rotated my tires. In 20 minutes. Seemed fast to me. So I went back for it. Paid my $50, got my car and preceded to drive away. I immediately knew, something was wrong.

My tires were about to fall off my car. Not only were they about to fall off, my car was off balance and shaking so bad I couldn’t keep it on the road. I turned around and went back to the dealership. When I went to turn into the dealership my car almost gave out. I was so worried I almost stopped it right there, in the middle of a turn lane… on a busy road…

I decided that might be the worst idea. So I turned very slowly into the dealership and literally pulled my car right in front of the windows. Barely stopped and jumped out. The manager was in front of me with customers and said “Back so soon”. I laughed, said uh yeah. You screwed up my car. The tires aren’t on all the way… The car is vibrating and shaking so bad, and the tires are making a horrific noise. He laughed it off and ushered me inside. So I wouldn’t alarm his customers.

I was sent back to the service department where the lady reading a book behind the counter, proceeded to chuckle and told me she’d get the problem solved. She paged the service department and ran back and got the mechanic. He ran from the back room, to move my car as quickly as he could… I guess they didn’t want it sitting with jacked up tires, out front of their windows. My parents came back to help me sort this out. I felt embarrassed that it had even happened to me and was trying not to make a big deal of it. But like my mom said, they let me drive away like that! It is a big deal! They told my dad that the tires had too much corrosion on them and they couldn’t tell it wasn’t tightened all the way. That when I drove it. It loosened.

I freaked out, thinking this could happen to me at any moment now! My dad looked and me and said, That’s what they tell you when they forgot to tighten them down all the way.  So there we have it. The dealership didn’t tighten my tires as they should. I pulled out of the parking lot with them ready to fall off, and they didn’t do a single thing. Laughed it off and ushered me out as soon as they could. A few phone calls later and still nothing was solved.

Needless to say… It was a stressful encounter…

When I got back home. I attempted to finish my run. I wanted a nice easy 3.1 miles. I got about 3/10 a mile in and just said screw it. I was done. I couldn’t do anymore.

Here’s hoping that tomorrow is a better day!
I will also update on my 7.5 mile run from Sunday, my training plans for the week and my anticipation for my first 5K Sunday!


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