>Oak Openings Stampede: My First Race

>So for my first race it had to be a 5K, and preferably an easy one. That’s not what this was though. This was a trail run to end all trail runs. I’ll admit, I love the trails; they are interesting, challenging, and work your body in ways you never thought running could. I train on trails because I think they are the best workout. this was nothing like the trails I run on. My trails are sandy, with flat surfaces, and a few hills. This trail was all roots, bridges, and stairs. It was…Amazing.

I was nervous before the race, since I didn’t know anyone. And there were so many runners. A lot of them, the very serious runners that you can tell have had a bunch of marathons under their belt. Someday i hope that is me. There were a few people with all the running gear you could ever hope to own.

Once I made it to the race, 40 minutes early, my dad helped me pin my race number on, #71. 🙂 He ended up seeing someone he knew, a guy that was only a few years older than me running the 25K. We stood and chatted until I saw one of my sorority sisters! What joy. I finally knew someone! We really spent the next 20 minutes walking around and checking out the sights. When it was time to line up, we learned that the 25K was taking off and 9 am & we were moved to 915 am. So again, we waited.

Promptly at 910 am we were told to line up on the bike trail and prepare for the gunshot. There were tons of us! I got stationed closer to the back with Alaina and her boyfriend Alex. The gunshot went off and everyone started in slow motion. The first bit was frustrating because it was such a small path and you couldn’t get around anyone. A few people were fighting there way around and I kept getting ahead and having to drop back when I got stuck. I was finally able to break free. I still got stuck a few times around people I was trying to pass. At one point there was a lady that was taking up the whole trail. Running right in the middle! So I did the only thing I could do. I ran up the hill, and jumped over her. Yep, that got here out of my way. 🙂 After that

 I managed to break out on my own and ran the entire trail by myself. It was an adventure 🙂 I can say I was feeling queasy by mile 2.5 My allergies were kicking in and I couldn’t breathe very well. But I didn’t stop. I continued to run until I hit mile 3. I came out of the woods to the finish line and saw everyone cheering. Then i saw the clock, 29:20 it read. There was no way I was getting this close and not breaking 30 minutes. From somewhere adrenaline hit, and I sprinted full force to the end. I made it in 29:32.

I was happy. 🙂 After being so sick, and taking on the trails, I beat my goal. It was awesome.
I know now I will be taking on more races!! WDW Half Marathon is getting closer!

2 responses to “>Oak Openings Stampede: My First Race

  1. >Congrats Stacy. That's gotta be an awesome feeling, having your first race done, and with a terrific pace. I'm sure there will be many many more races to come.

  2. >Great race Stacy! Congrats!

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