>My Running Slump is Over.

>Do you ever just have those days that you really want to do well with your run, you really want to give it your all, but your just not there. You’re sick. You’re tired. You’re mentally beat up. You doubt yourself. And then like that. It’s over. You’ve driven yourself into a such a slump that you can’t even back peddle out of it. You’re heart still wants to complete that run, but your head has one the battle. Don’t let it win the war.

That’s what I’ve been telling myself the last few weeks. I’ve been sick, run down, and just mentally not in it. This morning I finally broke free. I woke up feeling ill. My sinuses we’re draining and my stomach was upset. I laid in bed a few extra minutes, and then decided it was time to get a move on. It was 4:50 am, and the day wasn’t waiting for me to start.

I decided to take a different approach this morning when I went to the gym. Instead of running upstairs on the treadmill staring at the dark sky out the window, I would run in the Cardio Cinema. As luck would have it, this was playing.

Just the movie I wanted to see!! I was talking about it last night with Emily & Jason, amongst many other films particularly Sci-Fi related. I’ve become a Syfy channel addict. I started off at walk just to get warmed up. Legs were feeling good and everything was going great, so I decided to start off at a jog. I made it a half mile before I even realized it and knew it was time to up the speed. The movie was so good, the 5 miles were over before I knew it. I slowed a few times for water and did a short walk at the end. How refreshing that I had a great run in before 7 am 🙂


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