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Quick Nashville Post.

I’m extremely busy today with work && exam studying! I have my biggest final tonight, so I will be stuck in the books all day. I just wanted to quickly post a link of photos Andrew took of Nashville over the weekend! 🙂

There’s Downtown && Ghost Tours! 🙂

I’ll have a full recap in the next few days! And I didn’t forget about my Social Media Post!


Extremely Busy.

I have been really  extremely busy the last few days! It’s the end of the semester for me 🙂 2 1/2 weeks left!

But with the end of the semester comes loads of homework, group projects, final projects, and then finals.

It’s difficult to get this all done with limited time because I’ve started my internship early, and am working 2 positions! I would normally not like to make busyness an excuse, but this time it’s overwhelmed me.

I’m working on a post about social media, training, and the conference I was at on Friday 🙂 I also have some more topics to add that are in the works and an upcoming trip to Nashville. 🙂 Stay tuned!

Mud Hens Opening Day.

It’s the #1 day in Toledo, Ohio. It means, fun, friends, parties, and the onset of summer. It’s Mud Hens opening day!

The Mud Hen’s are Toledo’s minor league baseball team, and what keeps this city afloat in the summer. Opening Day is a huge event. Bars and business around the stadium thrive as people call off work, leave work early, and flock to downtown to spend the day partying and socializing.

My company does all the graphics for the stadium, so I was able to get tickets 🙂 I still had to work though, so I missed the beginning part of the game. Did I mention this is the first time any of the teams have had a double header on opening day? More of a reason for people to party.

I didn’t get to the game until about 530 with Andrew. But we definitely had fun. First we decided to take a silly photo of us. 🙂

Then we headed down to the stadium. Beers were expensive at $6.50, so we didn’t spend too much. Just wanted to hang out in the sun, and potentially watch some baseball.

We had a lot of fun, and even went to Frickers after. That was an experience in itself. It was INSANELY busy! And the food was awful. I can’t believe I spent $40 on food we didn’t even eat. Yuck. I’ve learned my lesson, we’re not going there anymore!

We still had fun though, and that’s the most important thing!

Stay tuned for a Social Media Conference Post I have! I attended one today! 

Just Smile.

Could I get any more good news right now? Please say yes. I’ll always welcome good news. But right now, it’s been really good!

Found out today that my internship (which I’ve been working at for a month now) is going to start paying me. From talk around the office, it’s double what my actual full-time job pays me. So that’s a YES!!! kind of a day.

Then at work, I find out I’m getting commission for some Marketing campaigns I’m working on, and my pay will be adjusted for a second time. Another YES!!! kind of a day.

Of course, I’m crazy busy at both places and trying to get 4 projects done at once for school, but with more money on the horizon, I can’t help but smile.


What do you have to smile about today?



Today began with an early morning gym session. A 530 am gym session. Since I knew I was going to be running after work, I decided to do a shortened session. I completed 20 minutes (2 miles) on the elliptical, strength training on my arms, and an ab workout.

Then it was time for work… Glorious work… Let’s just say, my job makes for a long day!! I do have some amazing news though!

Are you ready for it??

I found out today, I’m graduating a semester early!!! That’s this summer! 🙂 After this semester I only have 3 more classes to take and then I am home free. I am ecstatic! I’ll have completed a Masters degree in just one year. A not so easy Masters degree.

After work it was time for a run. A wonderful 3 mile run around Wildwood MetroPark.. I decided today to run the 3 mile loop around the woods before heading back home. In all my years at wildwood, I’ve never run this path before. How is that possible?! I LOVED it! There were soft surfaces, street surfaces and bridges to run through, not to mention the weather was gorgeous!

I returned home to work on homework and head to dinner with Andrew :):) we had a lot to celebrate. Firstly, it’s our 6 month anniversary. (well it was on the 10th) we took our first real date, 6 months ago at P.F. Changs. So we decided that’s where we would celebrate tonight. We Aldo were celebrating my graduating early. 🙂 With that will come the stress of finding a job and staying close, before Andrew is ready to move.


Andrew & I



Andrew had fun taking photos on the drive to dinner…


We each got a beer… We also had wonton soup, lettuce wraps, sesame chicken, and dessert, but the photos were too dark.

And he had to get a few more of me



We had an amazing dinner. We talked, we laughed, and we smiled. Our server was great too. We couldn’t leave without saying goodbye to the horse..


How do you like to celebrate?


It was finally sunny & warm.

There you have it, in Toledo, OH on April 10, 2011 it was finally sunny and warm. 🙂 It was a sunny 83 degrees outside. Where did that come from?! Who knows! But I took advantage of it.

I was able to get to Wildwood, our local wildlife preserve park and running trails to take on 6 miles! 🙂 I took this as a slower run, because I’ve been having hamstring-tendinitis problems. But I was able to run, walk and stretch in the hour or so I was out there!

Terrible of me to forget my camera on such an amazing day! But imagine gorgeous walking, running, bike trails and a million people! I mean, EVERYONE was out!

After my run, it was home in time for some lunch, then back to Starbucks for homework. I will say, I was so proud of myself that I got one of these:

Rock Road Cake Pop!! ❤

Fast forward to the night… Andrew & I were awaken to the sounds of glass shattering. We were both so startled, we thought someone had broken in. He pounded on our wall to wake up our other roommate. The only thing that caused, was this photo falling on my head.

Why yes, that is a canvas print that preceded to pop me in the head. Didn’t feel to good either. After some looking outside, and trying to figure out if someone was in the house, we yelled to our roommate. It was his mirror that fell and shattered into a million pieces. And that was our intruder. Glass.

Add that, to me not being able to sleep, and then over sleeping my alarm. It wasn’t too bad of a day. I found out some really great news!

Stay tuned, I *may* just be moving up my graduation date! Which means a lot of excitement, a lot of school work, and a lot of job searching!

Starbucks & Productivity.

I think this is the only place where Andrew & I can get work done. It is where we met after all. 🙂

His & Her coffee

Of course he had to get a shot of me.


So I got one of him.


That phone is permanently attached to him. Damn, the iPhone. I’m busy writing a paper on Cholera, while he edits and creates a new layout for his website.

Later we will get lunch, & browse the shops in this outdoor plaza. 🙂


Does a coffee shop ever inspire you to be productive?