>It’s Been A While.

>Why Yes, I feel utterly ashamed that it has been since September since I last blogged! To be honest, life got away with me! I can certainly catch you up on all the things that have happened since then …

I’m heavily into my Graduate Degree in the MPH Program. (I’m getting my Masters in Public Health Administration) I love this program, and the career outlook is great! This semester I’m taking 4 classes (Public Health Issues, Public Health Behavior & Theory, Epidemiology, and Public Health Management).

I’m still working Full-Time at my current job at a Graphic Arts firm. I’m doing all their Marketing, Customer Service, Administration, HR, and about a million other “hats”.

I’m also interning at our local Health Department in the Community Preparedness & Response Department. I LOVE it. πŸ™‚ It’s literally the highlight of my day. I’m there 3 days a week for 12 hours, and then I leave to go to my current position, and some nights then on to class.

In January, I ran the WDW Half Marathon. I spent all last fall/winter training for the Half and was finally able to run it! It was an amazing experience, but sadly I ran with the flu & a cold. Needless to say, my training time of 2 hours 10 minutes did not happen. I finished in just under 2 hours 40 minutes. But the receiving that medal felt the same either way! Did I forget to mention I ran the Buzz & Woody’s Best Friends 5K the day before? This was my second 5K to date and I finished in under 30 minutes.

5K Medal 

Half Marathon Medal 
(I apologize for the awful medal photos. They were taken from my Android!)
The biggest change in my life is meeting the love of my life Andrew Weber
We met at Starbucks. πŸ™‚ He’s a pro sports photographer and leads a crazy, exciting life. This sadly translates to a lot of travel, and a lot of alone time for me. It’s all worth it though. He has a great job. We’ve recently (January) moved into a house with a few friends. It’s me, and 3 guys in one house. I get a lot of questions about it, but it’s actually really great. 
Well, I am off to finish a paper on Cholera. I am making a serious effort to post MUCH more often! 

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