It was finally sunny & warm.

There you have it, in Toledo, OH on April 10, 2011 it was finally sunny and warm. 🙂 It was a sunny 83 degrees outside. Where did that come from?! Who knows! But I took advantage of it.

I was able to get to Wildwood, our local wildlife preserve park and running trails to take on 6 miles! 🙂 I took this as a slower run, because I’ve been having hamstring-tendinitis problems. But I was able to run, walk and stretch in the hour or so I was out there!

Terrible of me to forget my camera on such an amazing day! But imagine gorgeous walking, running, bike trails and a million people! I mean, EVERYONE was out!

After my run, it was home in time for some lunch, then back to Starbucks for homework. I will say, I was so proud of myself that I got one of these:

Rock Road Cake Pop!! ❀

Fast forward to the night… Andrew & I were awaken to the sounds of glass shattering. We were both so startled, we thought someone had broken in. He pounded on our wall to wake up our other roommate. The only thing that caused, was this photo falling on my head.

Why yes, that is a canvas print that preceded to pop me in the head. Didn’t feel to good either. After some looking outside, and trying to figure out if someone was in the house, we yelled to our roommate. It was his mirror that fell and shattered into a million pieces. And that was our intruder. Glass.

Add that, to me not being able to sleep, and then over sleeping my alarm. It wasn’t too bad of a day. I found out some really great news!

Stay tuned, I *may* just be moving up my graduation date! Which means a lot of excitement, a lot of school work, and a lot of job searching!

2 responses to “It was finally sunny & warm.

  1. I’m sure that scared the heck out of you girl! Glad you didn’t get glass everywhere on you.

    And where did you find a Rocky Road pop? I have to have one of those!


  2. That definitely killed my sleep and motivation yesterday!
    The Rocky Road Cake Pop is from Starbucks! At only $1.50, it’s great!

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