Just Smile.

Could I get any more good news right now? Please say yes. I’ll always welcome good news. But right now, it’s been really good!

Found out today that my internship (which I’ve been working at for a month now) is going to start paying me. From talk around the office, it’s double what my actual full-time job pays me. So that’s a YES!!! kind of a day.

Then at work, I find out I’m getting commission for some Marketing campaigns I’m working on, and my pay will be adjusted for a second time. Another YES!!! kind of a day.

Of course, I’m crazy busy at both places and trying to get 4 projects done at once for school, but with more money on the horizon, I can’t help but smile.


What do you have to smile about today?


One response to “Just Smile.

  1. Donna Debruyne

    That is soooooooo awesome. Its about time that education starts to pay off. Love Mom.(:)

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