Mud Hens Opening Day.

It’s the #1 day in Toledo, Ohio. It means, fun, friends, parties, and the onset of summer. It’s Mud Hens opening day!

The Mud Hen’s are Toledo’s minor league baseball team, and what keeps this city afloat in the summer. Opening Day is a huge event. Bars and business around the stadium thrive as people call off work, leave work early, and flock to downtown to spend the day partying and socializing.

My company does all the graphics for the stadium, so I was able to get tickets 🙂 I still had to work though, so I missed the beginning part of the game. Did I mention this is the first time any of the teams have had a double header on opening day? More of a reason for people to party.

I didn’t get to the game until about 530 with Andrew. But we definitely had fun. First we decided to take a silly photo of us. 🙂

Then we headed down to the stadium. Beers were expensive at $6.50, so we didn’t spend too much. Just wanted to hang out in the sun, and potentially watch some baseball.

We had a lot of fun, and even went to Frickers after. That was an experience in itself. It was INSANELY busy! And the food was awful. I can’t believe I spent $40 on food we didn’t even eat. Yuck. I’ve learned my lesson, we’re not going there anymore!

We still had fun though, and that’s the most important thing!

Stay tuned for a Social Media Conference Post I have! I attended one today! 


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