Road Trip to Nashville.

Andrew was requested to shoot a NASCAR Race in Nashville last weekend, April 23, 20011, so we packed up the car and headed to the Music City! Only to find out an hour from Nashville that his credential had fallen through. No worries, we still had a fun weekend planned with friends!

It was a long 8 hour drive. We decided we weren’t going to be bored the whole drive, or stop for very long!

When the drive commenced, I decided to paint my nails, with a little help from Andrew. 🙂

He looks so thrilled.

We managed to spend the next few hours enjoying the sites on the road and singing in the car. (Actually, it was Andrew singing). He now has his own version of “Pretty Girl Rock”.

He also decided to drive like an old lady.

That’s entertainment, right there.


When I used to travel with my parents. My mom and I had a game. Who could spot the Waffle House first. On this drive to Nashville, I remembered that game and promptly yelled “Waffle House!!” at the first sighting of one. I almost drove Andrew off the road. 🙂 It was classic.

We also drove through torrential downpours, tornadoes, and horrible wind. It was an exhausting drive, but we managed to make it to Nashville by 8pm! Only an 8 1/2 hour drive with a few small stops for bathroom breaks!

Stay Tuned. Next up — Nashville, Friends, && Ghost Tours!



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