Birthday Boy.

Today is Epic. Today is just plain sweet. It’s also pretty darn rainy and cold. But what’s best about today is, it’s Andrew’s Birthday. 🙂 He’s 22 today. Hard to believe that someone that professional, that dedicated, and that grown up is 22! It’s what makes him  unique. And he’s pretty sweet too. 🙂

Like getting me this necklace, for no reason! He just knew I was on a mission to find a necklace with an anchor and tada!

Yeah, he’s sweet. And all the flowers. 🙂

There’s been more than just those

Well, today I’m giving back. Because he’s amazing! I made him Birthday Cake Pancakes and brought them to him in bed. 🙂


Even had to wake him up to eat. But he’ll get more later! I’m taking him to dinner and out for drinks with friends 🙂

I also got him a ton of gifts, that he’s just dying to open. 🙂 He’s waiting until I get home, though!

So everyone go to his Facebook , his Twitter, or his Website and wish him a Happy Birthday!! : )

Now you can tell me how lucky I am that he walked into my life?! :):)


One response to “Birthday Boy.

  1. Babe! This is the cutest thing ever! I love you! Can’t until tonight! 🙂

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