Happy Easter in Nashville.

We woke up Sunday morning to rain, rain, and a lot more rain! It was doing some nasty things outside. Tornado sirens even went off in the area. It wasn’t raining in Downtown Nashville, so Andrew went off to shoot a Baseball Game.

Photos here. 

We we’re picking up Brett Young from the airport. Follow him on Twitter (@MrBrettYoung), Now that I mention it. Follow Tiffini & Cory too! (@tiffiniholland && @coryholland)

His flight was unfortunately delayed, so we had a little more time to relax and procrastinate before heading to the airport.

When we got there, though, all bets were off ! It was time to immediately get acquainted and go Downtown! While Downtown we went to one of the higher bridges for photos. Gorgeous Views !

It was breathtaking!

After looking at the city from above, it was time to check out the city on the streets!

When the group is together, you can’t cut out pony races.

We walked around and shopped before getting dinner at Hard Rock Cafe.

We also got some group photos!

=) the night couldn’t be complete without some sights, and a hockey game. We watched the Nashville Predators  win the series, while standing outside.

We spent a few more hours at Tiffini & Cory’s house before a looonngg 8 hour drive home. It was brutal! But I must thank Tiffini & Cory for a great weekend! 🙂


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