Spooky Ghosts Around Town.

Saturday morning started out great! (4/23)

Andrew & I met Tiffini and Cory for lunch at O’Charley’s. We don’t have one at home, so we’ve never eaten there before. Boy was it good!


After lunch we went shopping in River Gate mall! One stop in New York and Company held me for at least an hour. With their sales and deals, I spent $62, but saved $130. I walked away with quite a few things!

I ended up with these shorts

this top


A coral button up dress shirt, sunglasses, a pair of tan shorts, a coral necklace, and a turquoise bracelet.

The joys of shopping!

Unfortunately, Andrew couldn’t find any stores in the mall that he liked. So we stopped at Starbucks to get him a coffee and back to Tiffini & Cory’s house.

Andrew managed to get about an hour nap in while I got ready for the night we had before us. After everyone got home, got ready, we headed out, back Downtown to Nashville!

It was time for our Ghost Tour. We had booked the tour earlier in the day through Nashville Ghost Tours. We were to meet at 8pm in front of the Hermitage Hotel. Which is gorgeous and creepy at the same time. Our storied began there about a crying baby on the 9th floor, the women in white, and the woman in green. It was eerie!

From then, we moved on to the Rachel Jackson memorial and the Capital Building. It was gorgeous!!! We walked around and saw the grave site of James K. Polk, a former president that died of Cholera. (I’m doing a presentation about Cholera tomorrow.) We then walked around and heard stories about the Seven Sorrows Church, the first Catholic Church in Tennessee. In this particular story, they found a body of a priest buried in the walls, perfectly preserved.

We walked along the streets, and saw the first shopping mall in Nashville, boarded up, but you could see the inside. One of the weirder stories brought us down an alley that is set to look like New Orleans. It did not disappoint ! We checked out the outside of the Rainbow Room, where there was a murder in the 70’s. (Theres still blood on the inside of the room). 

Our last stop was the Ryman, where we found out there was a murder on the steps we were standing. We got some more chilling stories and we’re left with a beautiful song our guide recited.

Now I could go through ALL the stories, because I thought they were so interesting, and creepy! But I don’t want to spoil the mystery! So go check out Andrew’s Website  and check out our photos from the Ghost Tour! His are MUCH better than mine. 🙂

I’ll be back to recap our last day in Nashville. Eating at Hard Rock, shopping, pony race photos, and beautiful sites!

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