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What I’m Loving Wednesday!

We seemed to have lost the sunshine… But I can tell you I am loving the chill in the air. I just love fall.

I’m loving that I’ve made it back into blogging.

I’m loving the perfect weekend I had last weekend. And another perfect weekend I’ll have this weekend.

I’m loving the changes in my life and the GREAT things to come.

I’m loving all things pinterest. (Follow Me stacythatgirl) – I’m pin crazy

I’m loving my pins for the week.

Go link up with Little Daisy May!


Fur Baby

Again, a day late. 

I’m linking up for “Tail Wagging Tuesday” over at C Mae’s Blog! So click over there to check out more Fur Babies!

Here’s photos of our precious Buffy.

Ok. Ok. So she’s my moms. But that means she’s mine too, right?

Little Buffy


You’ve just gotta love her ❤

Monday Night Football.

I meant to post this last night, but my internet and iPad not being too friendly meant I didn’t. Apologies. 

I won’t say I watched the whole game, or am a huge Lion’s fan. I’m from Michigan, I grew up with Lion’s fans, but I’m more of a College Football girl. And that’s really been recent as Andrew has taught me more about the sport.

I will say, I am glad that Monday Night Football was finally brought to Detroit. The city needed it. The fans needed it. And at a 5-0 season so far, the Lion’s needed it. It’s perfect timing.

Andrew was at the game last night. 🙂

Yes, taken from an iPhone.

He also got front page of ESPN.

He was happy walking out of the game.

Let’s be honest though, he is frequently on

So although I am not a huge NFL fan, I am glad to see the Lion’s doing so well. I am also glad to see Andrew doing well at the games. It’s a busy season for football and playoff baseball for Detroit. It’s gonna be a crazy fall!

Do one thing everyday that scares you!

Happy Monday! And what a beautiful Monday it is! In Ohio, the weather is surprisingly gorgeous, and has been for the last 5 or 6 days. I’d love to keep it that way!

Unfortunately, I looked at the weather. And on Wednesday, the temps start to drop, and on Thursday it begins to rain. This Indian Summer weather is starting to fade.

Let’s transition that to the real topic of this post.

Everyday, I get tons of links from Andrew  about Education, Quotes, Technology, Books, Photography. In the name of all things cool and interesting, he finds it and sends it to me. He  jokes  that he sends me useful information and I send him emails of clothing…. Which is true. I won’t deny that he may get links/emails from me everyday about a new top,  pant, shoes, accessories I’ve been e-mailed or found online. What can I say? A girl’s gotta have priorities.

Today, this quote really made sense because I know, first hand, that people don’t want to do things that ultimately make them uncomfortable or scares them. For instance, calling an irate customer, dealing with someone you can’t understand, speaking in public, admitting your wrong. All these things I’ve had experience with, and all of them don’t scare me anymore. Why? Because I’ve admitted they scared me or made me nervous, and faced it.

And that’s what I challenge all of you to do! I believe overcoming obstacles and fears will make you a better person. They certainly have me.

I’ll admit I’ve been in a definite bad mood/funky state of mind for months. It’s been extremely difficult transitioning from a career in Marketing and trying to switch to Public Health.  I’ve spent the last year and a half earning my Master’s degree full-time, working full-time, and trying to complete a 275 hour internship over the course of 5 months. It was the best experience I could have gotten, and I am so thankful. But I’m still worried all the experience, knowledge, and confidence I have doesn’t stack up to everyone else I’m competing against. I’ve interviewed and interviewed for various positions in the field. And you know what – I’m grateful. I’m happy that there are opportunities out there, you just have to go after them. I’ve found three different things I would love to do with my degree, and I’ve interviewed for all three. And I know that they each would make me happy.  I’ve been so fortunate to work hard before every interview and make it to the final stages with every organization. The problem I am facing? Not getting a call back. It’s difficult and it’s disheartening. But it isn’t going to stop me from applying to more positions and working even harder.

I’ve realized. If YOU want something YOU have to go after it. There is no one else that will do it for you. You may get ideas, and help, but ultimately that is up to YOU.

So in all of the stress and disappointments I’ve had, I’m learning to look at the bright side and know that somewhere out there, I’ll find what I’m looking for. For now, I have a good job, I have a steady income, family, and friends that are there for me, and that’s what’s most important.

So there you have it. I did one thing today that scares me. Sharing something publicly.

So go ahead… Do one thing everyday that scares you!

PS. On a more humorous note, I saw this link on Fitting It All In’s  Blog and cracked up 🙂

Happy Monday! 

Perfect Fall Weekend

This weekend I was EXTREMELY lucky that {Andrew} arranged his schedule to have the weekend off with me. 🙂

We did some of my favorite fall activities! Like go to Mac Queen’s Apple Orchard for Apple Cider and Donuts! {Andrew} got a dozen including pumpkin, sugar, cider, apple & cinnamon, maple, and a few glazed. I tried a few as he proceeded to demolish all of them this weekend. They were delish.


We also went to a Golden Retriever  Rescue on Saturday. Andrew & I are really hoping to adopt a 2 year old golden! We’ve been searching, but haven’t quite found the girl or boy we’re looking for. We did a few searches between Saturday and Sunday, and haven’t found one yet.


We went out for lunch and dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday. We normally don’t splurge going out to eat, but it’s been forever since we’ve been out together.

We did some yard work, and cleaning around the house…. Standard Stuff.

And Sunday besides another rescue, we went to a pumpkin patch to pick our pumpkins. Very successful I must say. They were only 20 cents a lb. That’s cheap!


Pumpkin Patch

I also showed Andrew one of the most gorgeous places in Toledo. I ran a race here last year, although it was a few weeks before the leaves changed, but it was gorgeous.







And a really great panoramic shot from Andrew 🙂



Already crossed off a few goals for October!

Also working on a Fall Bucket List!


Andrew & I have already crossed off the pumpkin patch, take a nature walk, picnic, and drink fancy coffee drinks :):) I guess you could say we’ve crossed off the two dates as well 🙂

Cheers to Fall!!!




My Favorite Month & Goals.

I haven’t gotten a change to post this sooner. But it is officially my FAVORITE month of the year! I love everything about October. The colors, the scents, the the chill in the air, football, fashion, Halloween, and the spooky factor.

Just everything about October screams to me.

Hello October

This month is just gorgeous.

I can’t wait for the next few weeks to get to embark on many more Fall Activities!

My goals for this month: 

  • Pick a pumpkin or two with Andrew
  • Pick apples
  • Whitehouse Corn Maze (Where we had our first date, 1 year ago!)
  • Fleitz Pumpkin Farm & Hayrides 
  • Have a bonfire 
  • Watch the leaves change color 
  • Drink Hot Apple Cider & Rum (YUM!)
  • Read 2 books – Currently working on Zoo Story
  • Apply for a few more jobs ( I stopped because I interviewed like crazy)
  • Update more! 
  • Work on some creative projects & freelance
  • Start a Fall Scrapbook with Andrew 🙂 
  • Run twice a week (trying to ease up on my hamstring)
I plan on sticking to these goals!!! 🙂 

Summer Wrap Up.

It’s terrible how behind I have been, and how much I have not caught up with my blog. There’s been a lot going on over the summer, and I can’t believe how quickly time has gone by.

This summer I have done some of the most exciting things I have ever done.

  • Parties on our private beach. 🙂

Beach Weekend


Our Beach & Lake

  • Traveling to Pocono
  • Early Morning Walks on the beach

Watching the sun rise

  • Having Parties at Home

Brittany, Amanda & I


Amanda & I



  • Hanging with my Puppy

Little Buffy


Hanging with Buffy

  • Nascar Race at MIS
  • Andrew traveled to Toronto for a week
  • Date Nights

  • Girls Night Out

Girls Night

  • Traveling to Indianapolis

Brickyard 400

  • Traveling to West Virginia, Virginia, Baltimore

Andrew & I on the Maryland Field

  • Trip to the Zoo with Andrew

  • Gabby’s Wedding

Andrew & I at Gabby's Wedding


  • Celebrating my 26th Birthday
  • Under Armour Headquarters

  • Outlet Mall shopping
It’s been a successful summer!!! Let’s hope this {Fall} brings the same!