Monday Night Football.

I meant to post this last night, but my internet and iPad not being too friendly meant I didn’t. Apologies. 

I won’t say I watched the whole game, or am a huge Lion’s fan. I’m from Michigan, I grew up with Lion’s fans, but I’m more of a College Football girl. And that’s really been recent as Andrew has taught me more about the sport.

I will say, I am glad that Monday Night Football was finally brought to Detroit. The city needed it. The fans needed it. And at a 5-0 season so far, the Lion’s needed it. It’s perfect timing.

Andrew was at the game last night. 🙂

Yes, taken from an iPhone.

He also got front page of ESPN.

He was happy walking out of the game.

Let’s be honest though, he is frequently on

So although I am not a huge NFL fan, I am glad to see the Lion’s doing so well. I am also glad to see Andrew doing well at the games. It’s a busy season for football and playoff baseball for Detroit. It’s gonna be a crazy fall!


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  1. Great post babe! Your such a great blogger! Just keep writing and sharing your life to the world!

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