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Monday Night Football.

I meant to post this last night, but my internet and iPad not being too friendly meant I didn’t. Apologies. 

I won’t say I watched the whole game, or am a huge Lion’s fan. I’m from Michigan, I grew up with Lion’s fans, but I’m more of a College Football girl. And that’s really been recent as Andrew has taught me more about the sport.

I will say, I am glad that Monday Night Football was finally brought to Detroit. The city needed it. The fans needed it. And at a 5-0 season so far, the Lion’s needed it. It’s perfect timing.

Andrew was at the game last night. 🙂

Yes, taken from an iPhone.

He also got front page of ESPN.

He was happy walking out of the game.

Let’s be honest though, he is frequently on

So although I am not a huge NFL fan, I am glad to see the Lion’s doing so well. I am also glad to see Andrew doing well at the games. It’s a busy season for football and playoff baseball for Detroit. It’s gonna be a crazy fall!


Playing Catch Up…

It’s been a little bit since I’ve posted. 😦 Sadly, it’s been a really crazy week! School was out for the week. Whoohoo! But that means it was time to catch up on work, and life. Andrew and I were at least able to make it out one night this week for dinner and drinks.

The same night he took this blasted head shot for my graduation. (only a few weeks away!) I think I just look weird. I’ll blame it on allergies and being dead tired. I was really sick that day.

Yesterday Andrew left for Baltimore/Dover for the Nascar Race this weekend.

Which his photos  are AMAZING. 🙂 Best race he’s had! And he got extra photos of Carl Edwards 🙂

You can tell that’s my favorite. 🙂

We’ve also been able to workout more this week 🙂 Plus for me, since I’ve lost crazy amounts of weight. I guess it’s moving to mostly an all vegetarian diet. I say mostly, because I still eat meat. I just choose not to a lot of the time.

I’ve been trying to spend as much time as I can at Wildwood Metropark. It’s amazing for running. And, really pretty.

I spent Monday night there, and then moved on to a local high school to watch Andrew kick. He was the place kicker for University of Toledo, and wanted to start practicing again. I got video, but the file type is not allowed on here, so on video 😦

This week has been good for workouts though.

Monday – Ran 5.06 miles

Tuesday-  Sick/Rest

Wednesday –  2.5 mile run (was supposed to be 3, not sure how I finished a 3 mile trail only doing 2.5 miles)

Thursday – 3 miles elliptical

Friday – 4 miles elliptical/treadmill

Saturday – 3 miles elliptical

I also lift 3 days a week. I’ve been nursing a knee injury, so i move back and forth between running and the elliptical. Tomorrow should be at least a 6 mile run. Let’s hope for no rain!

And in other randomness, Andrew rappelled off a 200ft water tower for an assignment at work. He was getting a photo of fire training, and they asked if he wanted to go down the water tower with him.

I told him he looked like a dork. Just because I love him.

I had to save the best for last, because I also have some really great news :):) I have an interview this week for a job in my field (Emergency Response Coordinator). It’s about an hour and a half away, which may or may not be good. I’m extremely excited/lucky to be given an opportunity to go to an interview for the exact job I want before I’ve even graduated. We’ll see what happens when I go this week! There will be a lot of factors involved in this, so we’ll see how it all plays out!

And a random photo!

I’m obsessed with that white sweater. Thank you NY & Co. 🙂

Road Trip to Nashville.

Andrew was requested to shoot a NASCAR Race in Nashville last weekend, April 23, 20011, so we packed up the car and headed to the Music City! Only to find out an hour from Nashville that his credential had fallen through. No worries, we still had a fun weekend planned with friends!

It was a long 8 hour drive. We decided we weren’t going to be bored the whole drive, or stop for very long!

When the drive commenced, I decided to paint my nails, with a little help from Andrew. 🙂

He looks so thrilled.

We managed to spend the next few hours enjoying the sites on the road and singing in the car. (Actually, it was Andrew singing). He now has his own version of “Pretty Girl Rock”.

He also decided to drive like an old lady.

That’s entertainment, right there.


When I used to travel with my parents. My mom and I had a game. Who could spot the Waffle House first. On this drive to Nashville, I remembered that game and promptly yelled “Waffle House!!” at the first sighting of one. I almost drove Andrew off the road. 🙂 It was classic.

We also drove through torrential downpours, tornadoes, and horrible wind. It was an exhausting drive, but we managed to make it to Nashville by 8pm! Only an 8 1/2 hour drive with a few small stops for bathroom breaks!

Stay Tuned. Next up — Nashville, Friends, && Ghost Tours!


Mud Hens Opening Day.

It’s the #1 day in Toledo, Ohio. It means, fun, friends, parties, and the onset of summer. It’s Mud Hens opening day!

The Mud Hen’s are Toledo’s minor league baseball team, and what keeps this city afloat in the summer. Opening Day is a huge event. Bars and business around the stadium thrive as people call off work, leave work early, and flock to downtown to spend the day partying and socializing.

My company does all the graphics for the stadium, so I was able to get tickets 🙂 I still had to work though, so I missed the beginning part of the game. Did I mention this is the first time any of the teams have had a double header on opening day? More of a reason for people to party.

I didn’t get to the game until about 530 with Andrew. But we definitely had fun. First we decided to take a silly photo of us. 🙂

Then we headed down to the stadium. Beers were expensive at $6.50, so we didn’t spend too much. Just wanted to hang out in the sun, and potentially watch some baseball.

We had a lot of fun, and even went to Frickers after. That was an experience in itself. It was INSANELY busy! And the food was awful. I can’t believe I spent $40 on food we didn’t even eat. Yuck. I’ve learned my lesson, we’re not going there anymore!

We still had fun though, and that’s the most important thing!

Stay tuned for a Social Media Conference Post I have! I attended one today!