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Summer Wrap Up.

It’s terrible how behind I have been, and how much I have not caught up with my blog. There’s been a lot going on over the summer, and I can’t believe how quickly time has gone by.

This summer I have done some of the most exciting things I have ever done.

  • Parties on our private beach. 🙂

Beach Weekend


Our Beach & Lake

  • Traveling to Pocono
  • Early Morning Walks on the beach

Watching the sun rise

  • Having Parties at Home

Brittany, Amanda & I


Amanda & I



  • Hanging with my Puppy

Little Buffy


Hanging with Buffy

  • Nascar Race at MIS
  • Andrew traveled to Toronto for a week
  • Date Nights

  • Girls Night Out

Girls Night

  • Traveling to Indianapolis

Brickyard 400

  • Traveling to West Virginia, Virginia, Baltimore

Andrew & I on the Maryland Field

  • Trip to the Zoo with Andrew

  • Gabby’s Wedding

Andrew & I at Gabby's Wedding


  • Celebrating my 26th Birthday
  • Under Armour Headquarters

  • Outlet Mall shopping
It’s been a successful summer!!! Let’s hope this {Fall} brings the same! 

Sneak Peek.. Graduation.

It’s been a busy time for me! My final classes are really taking a toll on me, plus I’m working two jobs (one FT, one internship). I wanted to post a sneak peek at a graduation photo 🙂 This past Friday (June 3rd) I walked in my Graduation ceremony earning my Masters Degree!!

I haven’t received my diploma yet, because the requirements have not been met. They will once I finish these classes. But just knowing that once the classes are done, that I am done. Is a HUGE relief!!

So take a look at my fam (complete with Puppy) and I will get working on the rest!



Buffy Marie <3

We finally have our puppy. And what a charismatic bundle of joy she is! We’ve had her for 2.5 weeks and she’s really progressing well! 🙂

But I’ll just get to the photos 🙂















Buffy at 7 weeks.

It’s time for a new photo of the puppy!! 🙂 She’s seven weeks old now.  She is “really playful and curious”. Cannot wait to pick her up!! :):)

Isn’t she adorable?! I swear she’s like a little polar bear!

Counting down until May 20th!!

Puppy Update!! :)

It’s just a few short weeks away, 2 1/2 to be exact, We’ll be picking up Buffy Marie! 🙂 

The breeder said she is growing very well!!

I think my mom has purchased everything you could think of to get a dog. Bowls, Bed, Collar, Harness, Leash, Toys, Chew Toys, clothes.

Even a book to learn to train her. The only thing that’s missing is the puppy!!

Here’s a photo of what she looked like a week and a half ago at 5 weeks :):)