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Fur Baby

Again, a day late. 

I’m linking up for “Tail Wagging Tuesday” over at C Mae’s Blog! So click over there to check out more Fur Babies!

Here’s photos of our precious Buffy.

Ok. Ok. So she’s my moms. But that means she’s mine too, right?

Little Buffy


You’ve just gotta love her ❤


Life would not be complete…

Without more Buffy photos!!! :):) These are from my graduation party. Sadly, that is the last time I’ve seen the little girl. I hear she’s getting so big!!! And developing quite the personality. She is attached to my parents. They can’t even leave the room. But she loves to run, and to play, and to be into everything. Especially the toilet paper! You can’t let her in the bathroom or you will find toilet paper trails all over the kitchen.

Last night was her first night at doggie training, and boy did she get into trouble. My mom called to report that she was the only dog to get sprayed with the water bottle, and not even once, but 5 times! She kept barking at the dog next to her. In her defense, it wasn’t appealing to look at.

Tomorrow night, I’ll get to see her again, and I’m very excited 🙂 My mom says she’s grown a lot and has become  easier to train and work with, and more lovable!









Sneak Peek.. Graduation.

It’s been a busy time for me! My final classes are really taking a toll on me, plus I’m working two jobs (one FT, one internship). I wanted to post a sneak peek at a graduation photo 🙂 This past Friday (June 3rd) I walked in my Graduation ceremony earning my Masters Degree!!

I haven’t received my diploma yet, because the requirements have not been met. They will once I finish these classes. But just knowing that once the classes are done, that I am done. Is a HUGE relief!!

So take a look at my fam (complete with Puppy) and I will get working on the rest!



Buffy Marie <3

We finally have our puppy. And what a charismatic bundle of joy she is! We’ve had her for 2.5 weeks and she’s really progressing well! 🙂

But I’ll just get to the photos 🙂















Love for Your Pets.

Today I am excited ecstatic to announce that we’re getting a puppy!! 🙂 I have NEVER had a dog before, and am completely excited about pet ownership.

I must mention that the dog will be at my mom’s house, but what’s your mom’s is still yours, right? Just like that tanning bed, we my mom has.

I must step back a moment and explain the situation. We’ve always had a cat. Our beloved Snickers.


Snickers Asleep

We LOVED her. She was the best cat, ever. She may have hated company, and mostly wanted to be left alone; but she always loved her family.

Apparently she was out of places to sit.

She was always ready to meet you at the door, meow at you in the morning and perk up when you came around. Just recently, she started to get sick. She would throw up more often than normal, refuse to eat her food, until we exhausted every option available. In November, the vet said she was in kidney failure, but was not suffering. We chose to give her one last Christmas. This was the time of year she loved. She could eat the Christmas tree, poke herself in the eye with the needles, hide under the tree, and basically eat any time of grass plant that my mom laid out.

She thoroughly enjoyed Christmas this past year. She loved to dig in the wrapping paper and watch the family open gifts. If there was something going on, she was in the middle of it.

Sadly, at end the end of January (the moment I moved out) she took a turn for the worse. She went a week without eating, and eventually stopped using her litter box completely. No, she didn’t “go to the bathroom” on the floor. She just didn’t go. The vet determined it was time for her to gently be put to sleep.

The most devastating & heartbreaking event my family & I had ever been through was about to happen. My mom, decided to to wait a few days so I could come home and say good bye to her. It was the worst night of my life. But that night, Snickers showed more response by seeing me, than she had in a week.

I took a lasting photo of her. Kissed her goodbye. And left absolutely heartbroken.

Her last photo.

The next day (February 5th) it was her time to pass. 😦 Thankfully, my parents were with her, and she went peacefully without pain.

Now she is still with us, in spirit. We had her cremated because it was the dead of winter, and she absolutely hated the outdoors. She was not to be buried. Her ashes reside in a velvet bag, in a memory box on our china cabinet.

Exactly where you see her sitting now.

on China Cabinet

Obviously, she loved that spot & it was right next to her favorite window. She is loved & missed. We still talk to her everyday.

It’s taken some time, but my mom has decided that it is time to get a puppy that she has always wanted; a Westie. After some careful research, and contacting a breeder. We found our girl, our Buffy Marie. We’ll be making a 2 hour drive on May 21st to pick her up!

For now this is her.


She’s only two weeks old, but looks precious as ever. We can’t wait to show her a house full of love!